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Ginger Coffee Madura Rafi Rifa

We mix Madura ginger coffee according to recipes passed down from generation to generation from our family. So as to produce real Madura ginger coffee, delicious and healthy for the body. 

Price : 4 USD / Net : 250 grams. 
(does not include postage)

Robusta Coffee Grade A
Madura Ginger Grade A

Export Rafi Rifa

How come the Madura Ginger Coffee "RAFIRIFA" is EXPENSIVE?? We mix Madura ginger coffee traditionally, so the process takes a long time and is tiring because most of the work is done by humans, not machines to maintain the taste of the ginger coffee. And all ingredients such as coffee and ginger we choose the best quality or grade A.

We mix grade A robusta coffee and grade A Madura ginger according to recipes passed down from generation to generation from our family. so as to produce the true taste of Madura ginger coffee: delicious and healthy for the body, Please Order.!

Robusta Coffee Advantages:
1. Inhibits Premature Aging
2. Reduces Cancer Risk
3. Reduces the Risk of Heart Disease and Heart Attack
4. Improves Blood Vessel Health
5. Reduces Bad Cholesterol in the Body

Madura Ginger Advantages:
1. 2x Hotter than Java Ginger
2. Anti-Aging and Cancer
3. Relieves Cough and Flu
4. Lowering Blood Glucose to Cholesterol
5. Strengthens Immune System
6. Prevents Bacterial and Viral Infections
7. Relieves Muscle Pain
8. Overcome Digestive Problems

How to Order:

1. Contact Us Via
2. WhatsApp: +6281357935010.
3. Write: Name, Complete Address, Telephone Number and Order Amount.
4. All total costs and postage we send via whatsapp.
5. After you pay off the total cost, we will send your order and proof of delivery sent via WhatsApp.
6. Minimum purchase of 1 (one) pack of 250 grams.
7. Prices on the website do not include postage.
8. Prices may change at any time, please check the website regularly.

Order Payment:
1. Payment Via T/T (Bank Transfer)
2. Bank Central Asia (BCA)
3. Recipient : Eko Cahyono
4. Account Number : 1920619262
5. Delivery receipts will be sent via WhatsApp 

Bank Centra Asia (BCA) 
Recipient : Eko Cahyono
Account Number : 1920619262
Bank Code : 014
Code Branch : 0192
Address : JL.KH.Agus Salim V/23a 
Pamekasan, Madura, East Java, Indonesia 69314

WhatsApp. +6281357935010